Over 30,000 residents with no power in Long Beach

A power outage affected over 30,000 Bixby Knolls, North Long Beach and Lakewood residents earlier this morning.

Powerline in North Long Beach

The outage began around 6 a.m. due to two failed electrical power lines. Electrical crews from Southern California Edison (SCE) worked quickly to fix the majority of customer’s power by 9 a.m. However, approximately 900 customers are still without power. SCE is still actively working on repairing the outage and are updating on their website.

Residents are advised to conserve electricity as extreme heat hits California. According to the California Independent System Operator (ISO), no rolling blackouts are anticipated. A flex alert was advised last night on Thursday and for this evening from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. to help with conserving energy. Residents are advised to save electricity by adjusting thermostats to 78 degrees, switching off lights not in use, and avert their use of major appliances.

Power plants are now permitted to build up more energy if needed to meet the requests for more electricity. This emergency proclamation was made by Governor Newsom after temperatures rose this past Thursday.

To stay cool at home and preserve energy, residents are advised to turn on their fans and make sure they unplug any unused electrical appliances.