California Gas Tax Will Cause Prices To Rise On Friday

The annual gas tax will take effect in California on Friday, July 1. Prices per gallon will increase by about three cents

The current gas tax is about 51 cents per gallon, but starting this Friday, it will be around 54 cents. This increase is moderately small.

Although this change is minor, prices of gas are already high from fluctuating inflation.  Drivers in the community are not pleased with this tax. 

Individuals on a smaller income have expressed that a majority of their earnings are spent on gas, and close to none of their earnings are left over to go into savings. 

Earlier this week, Democratic lawmakers presented a deal that, if passed, would provide financial help and checks to millions of taxpayers in California. These checks would also assist in helping people afford these rising gas prices.

Even still, individuals are continuously struggling, and have urged Governor Gavin Newsom to take action to combat this economic crisis. 

As of now, there have been no proposals to reverse the gas tax increase or the gas tax in general. 

By Kate Bell