Southern California oil sill more dangerous than many thought

Long Beach residents express displeasure as authorities and Coast Guard scrambled to contain the October 2nd oil spill.

Following the discovery that Amplify Energy was accountable for the leak, the company has been chastised by Southern California and Long Beach citizens alike for their lack of accountability. 

Per a recent news release, the US Coast Guard boarded a container ship in the Port of Long Beach after it was discovered that the oil spill might have been caused by an anchor bursting a subsea pipeline. The disaster spilled 3,000 barrels worth of crude oil into the Pacific Ocean, killing numerous animals and causing officials to shut beaches south of Los Angeles.  Residents of Long Beach express their displeasure as dead birds and fish are seen on their Consequently, birds and fish aren’t the only creatures affected; sea turtles, coral, oysters, and dolphins are also at risk, and have been spotted beached on Southern California’s shorelines.

Mariners initially reported spotting oil in the sea on October 1st, however, an official notice was not disclosed until the following day at noon. Although inhabitants of Long Beach are not at great risk as a result of the leak, several ships traveling overseas, carrying thousands of everyday items, have been delayed significantly, leading locals to be disgruntled and frustrated. Many people have condemned Amplify Energy’s lack of responsibility and blamed the corporation for evading accountability, which resulted in excessive devastation on California’s shores.

As of October 18th, the investigation is still underway, and other vessels of interest are expected to be probed.

More information to be released as made available.

By Sofia Youngs

Twitter and IG : @_sofieyoungs_