Do Long Beach! Pacific Island Ethnic Art Museum

Contemporary Pacific Islander Art looks at new work by artists working in the United States and the U.S. Territories whose practices are finding diverse forms of dialog in the international contemporary art and indigenous art conversations. Pacific Islands art is often framed within colonialism, tourism, and nostalgia, platforms that these artists investigate and depart from, in interdisciplinary practices that inform a new perspective on what it is to be a Pacific Islander in America and the Pacific.


$5 General, $3 Student/Seniors, Free Childre under 12

Wednesday, Jan. 28 (11am—5pm)
Thursday, Jan. 29 (11am—5pm)
Friday, Jan. 30 (11am—5pm)
Saturday, Jan. 31 (11am—5pm)
Sunday, Feb. 1 (11am—5pm)
Wednesday, Feb. 4 (11am—5pm)
Pacific Island Art Musuem
695 Alamitos Avenue


For more information (562) 216-4170