The Queen Mary’s 80th Birthday and Royal Rendezvous with Queen Elizabeth in Long Beach

LBLN’s Melissa McGinnis gets an exclusive interview with Captain Will Kayne of The Queen Mary during her 80th Birthday and Royal Rendezvous with it’s “niece” Queen Elizabeth in LongBeach today.  The two ships docked side-by-side in the Long Beach Harbor. This is the first time a Cunard Line ship has docked in Long Beach since the Queen Mary arrived in December 1967. The Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mary’s “niece” is currently on an around-the-world voyage. Passengers will disembark and explore the sights and sounds of Long Beach. Admission to the Queen Mary is free Thursday. Guests will not have access to the Queen Elizabeth, which is scheduled to leave the harbor at approximately 7 pmThere is a museum slated to open in 2016 aboard the Queen Mary. Guests will be privy to the museum’s first phase, which features model ships.

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