Mayor Garcia Launches Effort to Review and Update City Welcome Signage and Landscaping

In an effort to project a positive image of Long Beach, Mayor Robert Garcia has introduced legislation that will direct the City Manager to conduct a study of the signage and landscaping at all major entrances to the City, including the 7th street entrance from the 605/405 freeway, Downtown freeway entrances, Lakewood Avenue near the airport, and the eastern and western ends of Pacific Coast Highway, among other locations throughout the city.

“First impressions are important, and we want to make sure people have an impression of Long Beach that reflects who we are,” said Garcia. “This is an opportunity to greet visitors and residents in a memorable way as they come into the city, and to beautify our neighborhoods and business corridors.”

The recommendation comes to City Council this Tuesday, April 21, and directs the City Manager to “study, and report back to Council within 90 days with recommendations for improving and enhancing, the signage at major entrances to the City.”

The proposal notes that, “Clear signage indicating the boundary of the City, and clean, attractive landscaping are important to projecting an accurate and positive image of Long Beach to visitors.”

At the City Council retreat organized by Garcia last year, Councilmembers reacted positively to the possibility of an assessment of entrances to Long Beach and the ways they might be improved, including with new or enhanced signage and landscaping.

As Councilmember for the first district, Garcia introduced legislation to study commercial signage throughout the city, and update the city’s signage regulations. Those new regulations took effect in 2013.

“Just a little more attention at some of these locations will go a long way to improving the welcome we offer visitors and residents,” Garcia said. “A small investment can make a huge difference.”