Cell phone footage leads to arrest of road rage suspect in Long Beach

South Los Angeles CHP recently received several reports of a Honda Accord dark in color, with a Caucasian male in his forties engaging in numerous occurrences of road rage. These incidents largely occurred within the city of Long Beach, on the I-405 (San Diego Freeway). Eyewitness accounts recalled the driver abruptly stopping his vehicle in front of the victims, making obscene gestures and committing vandalism by kicking the victim’s vehicles. Additionally, the driver has committed several hit and run traffic collisions and used his vehicle to intentionally assault his victims.

After a lengthy investigation, with the help of eyewitness photos and cell phone footage, CHP investigators identified the driver as Donald James Kleven, a resident of Long Beach. Investigators submitted their investigation to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, which subsequently issued a warrant for Mr. Kleven’s arrest.

On 5-13-2015, Mr. Kleven was placed under arrest and booked at the Long Beach Police Department, where he is currently held in lieu of $160,000 bail.

Road Rage is an aggressive behavior by a driver of an automobile or other road vehicle. Some of these aggressive behaviors may include obscene or rude gestures, deliberately making unsafe turning movements or unnecessary breaking, and even verbal insults. Road rage is well known to most of us, either through direct experience, news reports, or loved ones involved.

It is imperative to make traveling motorists aware of the potential danger on the roadways and what measures one can take to protect loved ones.

In the event you believe you are a victim of a road rage incident here are a few things you can do to keep you and your loved ones safe:

-Remain calm
-Always call 911 from a safe location
-Drive to your nearest police station (if known)
-Never stop on the freeway
-Obtain driver and vehicle description & license plates (make, model, color)
-Do not engage the enraged driver
-Have passengers record the incident if possible
-Have an escape route

If you engage in road rage remember these possible consequences:

-Jail or prison time
-Injury resulting in death
-Injury to yourself or others
-Damage to property

Always check your emotions before jumping into a vehicle. Keep calm and remember to never take another person’s actions personal.

“Our mission is to provide the highest level of safety for all motorists” said Southern Division Assistant Chief Bill Dance, “These intentional acts of aggression have put citizens in danger. If you decide to drive on any street or highway and engage in Road Rage activity the California Highway Patrol will leave no stone unturned and investigate all leads in order to find you and bring you to justice.”

The California Highway Patrol is always actively investigating all leads encompassing road rage in order to keep our roads safe for the motoring public.