Outages Downtown Long Beach Persist into Friday

Southern California Edison continues to have problems with the underground utility. The overnight reset of “network” was unsuccessful SCE employees still worked to restore power to the center of Long Beach. Power cuts are affected approximately 3,500 SCE customers. The cuts may continue for most of Friday.

Please allow extra time when traveling in the downtown area because traffic signals are operating intermittently. Please drive your car carefully through all intersections without lights. Remember intersections without power they should be treated as a four-way stop.

The City ask that all residents and visitors are aware of their activity, and keep aware of caring for their neighbors, elderly and children. Please do not use the elevators because they can stop working and potentially trapping the occupants.

The Emergency Operations Center is activated and the Police, Fire, Public Works were assigned according to the needs of the City. The city of Long Beach and SCE are working diligently to solve the problems.

Traffic guidance:
I-710 north on ramps closed 3rd St. Use 7th St. and Ocean Blvd.
I-710 southbound off-ramp closed at 6th St. and Broadway. Shoreline Anaheim outputs use or to enter the center.
East 6 Pine Street is also closed to the SCE work

Flashlights and water available at 714 Pacific; courtesy of SCE. Available until gone