Press Conference For Alert Long Beach Emergency Notifications

Sign Up Now to Receive Emergency Alerts

From the City of Long Beach

Receiving emergency alert notifications is easier now than ever before with the recently launched AlertLongBeach notification system. AlertLongBeach is a free mass notification system designed to keep those who live or work in Long Beach informed of important information before, during and after a major emergency or disaster.

“I strongly urge all Long Beach residents and businesses to sign up and receive emergency alerts via cell phone, text message and e-mail,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “This important communications resource, to provide critical information to the community, comes just in time as we prepare for El Niño related rains this winter.”

During emergencies, alerts will be sent to registrants to inform them what has happened, what first responders are doing and what actions people should take to protect themselves and preserve their property.

“When an emergency happens, AlertLongBeach sends out a voice, text and email alert to impacted businesses, schools, hospitals and residents that have registered in the system,” said Reggie Harrison, Director of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Communications.

Residents may sign-up for AlertLongBeach on the City’s website, All that is required is a cell phone number, or email address and home or business address. When a disaster strikes in the City of Long Beach, alert messages will be sent.

Although the AlertLongBeach system has access to listed and unlisted landline phone numbers from telephone carrier 9-1-1 databases, most people work away from home and others no longer have a home phone. AlertLongBeach provides an opportunity for residents to register their cell phone, e-mail address and text message information to ensure they receive emergency alerts.

For additional information on the AlertLongBeach system or current El Niño predictions and preparedness information, visit the City of Long Beach Disaster Preparedness website at