Community Leaders Organize Peace Rally At Rosa Parks Park Tonight

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The community surrounding 17th street and Alamitos Avenue are prepared to demonstrated a rapid response to the latest occurrence of violence in that area.

On Monday night, four young men were the victims of violence. Three of the victims are still in serious conditions and one young nineteen year old died. Young Delhan Jackson should be planning his next birthday or his future. Instead, his young son will have to adjust to life without his father and another mother is left to collect the fragments of her unfulfilled expectations of who her son could have grown up to become.

Enough Is Enough!

How many young men and women nationwide will have to be eulogize as a result of the senseless violence cities around the United States are experiencing. In Long Beach, California, communities are galvanizing themselves to launch a sustainable strategy to interrupt end the violence.

Sherrell Weatherton, mother of Delhaun stated; “We want black lives to matter to black lives. Anyone can pick up a gun but it takes heart to do the right thing.

On Thursday evening, April 21st 2016, Sherrell, her family, community stakeholders, Clergy and City official will meet at Rosa Parks Park to challenge the neighbor and community to help turn the tides of violence against each other.

As a result of this latest incident, The Long Beach Ministers Alliance and Los Angeles Civil Rights Association, are launching  a Violence Interruption Project called: “#awaken.”

#awaken” is a movement to activate, articulate and mediate.

The goal is three-fold.

  1. To activate the community to engage existing violence prevention processes and mechanisms currently being provided through he city and private sectors.
  2. Become more articulate regarding the authentic needs of their particular community for policing, support, employment and housing.
  3. To champion and mediate proactive conversations between potential violence perpetrators.

When: Thursday April 21, 2016
Where: Rosa Parks Park, 15th and Alamitos, Long Beach, California
Time 7:00 PM

The entire community is invited as well as encouraged to attend.