JetBlue Long Beach Marathon 32nd annual This Weekend

2015 Resident Note v5


Festivities begin on Friday, October 7th  as the Health and Fitness Expo opens at the Long Beach Convention Center, 12:00pm – 7:00pm and Saturday from 9:00am – 6:00pm. Entrance to the Health and Fitness Expo is free!


• Friday, October 7, Health and Fitness Expo – 12:00pm to 7:00pm

• Saturday, October 8, Health and Fitness Expo – 9:00am to 6:00pm Aquarium of the Pacfic 5K – 7:30am Aquarium of the Pacfic Kids Run – 9:00am

• Sunday, October 9, Race Day – 6:00am- Bike Tour Start – 6:00am- Marathon Start

RESIDENT/SPECTATOR INFO. Please note that the marathon operates as an out-and-back course so streets will be re-opened for track as the last athletes pass an area. These are approximate times of street re-openings, times may vary. Police officers will be at every major intersection to allow cars to cross the marathon course once there is a break in the race.

Please allow extra time for travel because of the street closures and trac delays. The marathon course has a “rolling” re-opening. The Long Beach Police will re-open streets as the event goes on and athletes have moved past a certain area.

FREE PARKING FOR BELMONT SHORE RESIDENTS is available in the beach parking lots along Ocean Blvd. Enter the lots near the Belmont Pool o Granada Ave and park for free Saturday night through Sunday. Residents can exit the lots on Sunday at GRANADA AVE ONLY and be escorted across the race course by police. Be one of 100,000 spectators who will be a part of the 32nd JetBlue Long Beach Marathon on Sunday, October 11! If you are not a registered participant or one of the 2,000 volunteers, there is another way to show your support… CHEER ON THE RUNNERS! Your support provides encouragement and excitement for everyone. Every wave, applaud and smile given to a participant reinforces the collaboration of this Long Beach community supported event.





Shoreline Dr Both Shoreline Village Dr 710 Freeway, 10:00 AM

Shoreline Dr Both Shoreline Village Dr Ocean Blvd, 5:00 PM

Pine Ave Both Shoreline Dr Seaside Way, 10:00 AM

Queensway Bridge NB Ocean Blvd 710 Freeway, 9:30 AM

Ocean Blvd Both Livingston Dr 54th Street, 11:00 AM

Livingston Dr Both Termino Ave Broadway, 1:15 PM

Nieto Ave Both Appian Way Broadway, 1:00 PM

Appian Way Both Nieto Ave Park Ave, 12:30 PM

Park Ave Both Anaheim St Appian Way, 12:15 PM

6th Street Both Park Ave Monrovia Ave, 10:30 AM

Monrovia Ave Both 6th Street 4th Street, 10:30 AM

4th Street Both Monrovia Ave Orlena Ave, 10:30 AM

Orlena Ave Both Colorado St 4th Street , 10:30 AM

Colorado Ave Both Orlena Ave Appian Way, 10:30 AM

Marine Stadium Both Nieto Ave Bayshore Ave, 10:30 AM

Palo Verde SB Atherton St Anaheim St, 12:00 PM

Atherton St WB Clark Ave Bellower Blvd, 12:00 PM

Atherton St Both Bellower Blvd Palo Verde Ave, 12:15 PM

Clark Ave NB Atherton St Anaheim St, 12:30 PM

Anaheim St Both PCH Clark Ave, 12:30 PM

Ocean Blvd Both Livingston Dr Alamitos Ave, 2:00 PM

BELMONT SHORE PENINSULA, AND NAPLES AREAS: Egress: Take 2nd Street east to Pacic Coast Highway (PCH). The freeway can be accessed using 2nd Street to Studebaker Rd.

Egress for residents who are on the Peninsula: You may exit your area by proceeding west on Ocean Blvd. to 54th Street. Turn right on Bayshore Ave then turn right to 2nd Street. Please use the above directions to exit the area.

Ingress: -605 Freeway: Take 7th Street exit to Studebaker Rd. Turn left on Studebaker Rd to 2nd Street. -From Los Angeles: Take 405 South exit Studebaker Rd. Turn right on Studebaker Rd to 2nd Street. -From Orange County: Take 405 north exit 7th Street. Take 7th Street to Studebaker Rd. Take Studebaker Rd to 2nd Street.

OCEAN BLVD, BETWEEN ALAMITOS AVE & TERMINO AVE (OCEAN SIDE): Egress: Take Ocean Blvd east (one lane will be open for vehicular track) to Granada Ave. There will be a police ocer at this location to direct you left on Granada Ave. Take Granada Ave to 2nd Street. Take 2nd Street East to Pacic Coast Highway (PCH). The freeway can be accessed using 2nd Street to Studebaker Rd. Ingress: For those wishing to return to the area, it is highly recommended that you utilize the 710 freeway and exit either Anaheim St or Broadway and use surface streets to get as close to your desired location as possible.

BELMONT HEIGHTS, BLUFF PARK, BLUFF HEIGHTS, AND ALAMITOS BEACH: Egress: Ocean Blvd and Livingston Street will be closed in both directions from 5:00am to 2:00pm. To leave the area via the 405 freeway you are advised to take Cherry Ave, Redondo Ave, Ximeno Ave and Lakewood Blvd to the 405 freeway. To leave the area via the 710 you are advised to take Broadway and Anaheim St.

Ingress: If returning to the area, you may take the 405 freeway and exit Lakewood Blvd. From there, utilize surface streets to return to the area. You may use the Trac Circle; however, access on PCH will be closed at Clark Ave. You may also use the 710 freeway and exit either Broadway or Anaheim St and proceed to your desired location

PARK ESTATES, LOS ALTOS: Egress: Park Estates residents can take Bellower Blvd to 7th Street. Los Altos residents can take Bellower Blvd, Palo Verde Ave or Studebaker Rd to 405 Freeway. Ingress: You may utilize the same freeway access to return to the area.

ATHERTON RD (BETWEEN CLARK AVE AND BELLFLOWER BLVD): Egress: Both sides of Atherton St will be closed to trac between Clark Ave and Palo Verde Ave. The east bound lane of Atherton St will remain open to residents from Clark Ave to Bellower Blvd. Residents may leave the area by turning right on Atherton St to Bellower Blvd and proceeding to 7th Street. Ingress: To return to the area from the 405 freeway exit Bellower Blvd. Residents will need to park in the neighborhoods north of Atherton St until the streets reopen at approximately 1:15 pm

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