3 Severe Winter Storms Predicted To Hit Southern California

Three consecutive storms are expected to hit Southern California starting late Wednesday through next Monday, according to the National Weather Service. The storms will bring rain, snow and gusty winds and high surf along the coast.


Temperatures will remain sunny in Long Beach today, with a high near 61. Tuesday’s expected high is 62. Temperatures will drop on Wednesday with an expected high of 59 and projected rain after 10 p.m.

There is a 100 percent chance of rain on Thursday with a high near 61. Rain is likely on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The first storm this week will bring moderate rain and mountain snow to Southern California starting Wednesday night through Thursday, according to an NWS statement. Temperatures in Long Beach are expected to be at a high of 59 Wednesday and a high of 61 Thursday. There is 4 to 8 inches of expected snow at elevations above 5,000 feet. Friday’s storm is expected to bring moderate to heavy rain and 6-16 inches of mountain snow. Long Beach’s forecast for Friday is mostly cloudy with a high near 60 and low of around 46.

There aren’t many details on the third storm yet; however, it is expected to hit Southern California from Sunday to Monday. The combination off all three storms is expected to increase the risk of flash flooding and are projected to produce between a quarter inch and an inch of rain from Wednesday night to Thursday and 1 to 2 inches of rain from Thursday to Saturday. The NWS urges those driving over major mountain passes such as the Tejon Pass to beware of winter driving conditions and gusty winds. It also warns travelers of the risk of mud and rockslides on mountain roads. Caution should also be taken in coastal areas, as the storms are expected to create a surf of 3 to 6 feet on west-facing beaches. This causes dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves. Sneaker waves can suddenly wash people off their feet in the surf zone or from rocks and jetties. Caution should be used when in or near the water.

Long Beach Weekly Forecast:

Monday 1/16: Sunny, high 64

Tuesday 1/17: Sunny, high 65

Wednesday 1/18: 100 percent chance of rain at night, high 60

Thursday 1/19: Showers in the morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon. 100 percent chance of rain at

night, high 61

Friday 1/20: Early morning rain, wind, potential for heavy rainfall, high 58

Saturday 1/21: Cloudy, sunny in the afternoon, high 59

Sunday 1/22: Periods of rain, high 59

Monday: 1/23: Rain showers, high 58