Local LGBT Authors Write The Poetic Heart

By Eric Gray (LBLN Contributor)

The Poetic Heart, officially released this month, uses the creative dimensions of poetry and art to explore love, LGBT concerns, experiences, and emotional expression.

An artistic collaboration between artist Nicholas Oliver and poet David Russo, The Poetic Heart uses and innovative and entertaining marriage of art and poetry to conduct readers on a journey of the human spirit.

“Our book takes the raw, emotional feelings that come with both poetry and art, and puts them together for one finished, collaborative experience that will delve deep into any reader’s heart,” said Nicholas Oliver, Co-Creator of The Poetic Heart. “This is a book that touches on everything from universal love, to the experiences of the LGBT community, and we wanted to provide a dual-artistic path to each topic issue.”

“In approaching this project with my artist-collaborator, Nicholas Oliver, it was my hope to discover and explore the emotions raised within me by his magnificent pieces.  Inspiration came easily and my poetry flowed from four wells: memories, observations, hopes and fears.  While informed by my own personal experiences, the words explored universal truths discovered by all people who live, love and pay attention to their own lives.” said David Russo

Both Oliver and Russo are out gay men with deep-rooted affiliation and advocacy in the greater LGBT and human rights community, which boldly inform their work.

“We want to thank everyone for supporting our art. We believe that understanding the human experience will make the world a better place. It is our hope that this book makes a small contribution toward that goal,” said Dave Russo.

The Poetic Heart is available for purchase on the artist’s websites. The book’s brand can be followed on major social media platforms for upcoming updates, and small biographies of both Russo and Oliver can be read on the book’s website. Numerous recitals and media appearances have been scheduled.

For more information, visit: http://www.poeticheartbook.com/.