Long Beach Technology Upgrade LB Coast Announced

Bryan Sastokas, Long Beach Chief Information Officer, pictured on govtech.com

Long Beach, CA

The City of Long Beach today announced a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that integrates several functions, including Human Resources and Financial Management, into a single program that provides day-to-day management systems. City Employees named the system Long Beach City Operations And Strategic Technologies, or LB COAST, to brand the system unique to Long Beach.

“This system is the largest and most complex technology project the City has ever undertaken,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “This new technology will help increase efficiency and effectiveness, improve controls, provide better information for decision-making, and increase transparency. It is also advances our open data policy.”

LB COAST impacts all City departments and operations, and also replaces obsolete and increasingly risky City management systems. In addition, many interfaces will be designed and built to connect with other existing systems.

“The City of Long Beach is consistently driven to improve operational efficiency, share information, and integrate processes across departments” said Bryan M. Sastokas, Chief Information Officer. “LB COAST will build upon the City’s partnership with Tyler Technologies to achieve these objectives.”

Among many other benefits, LB COAST will:

·         Connect data across different core business functions,

·         Move away from overnight batch processing to immediate posting of transactions,

·         Eliminate paper timesheets and automate electronic document imaging for a significant reduction in paper,

·         Improve electronic workflow for better approval processes,

·         Provide access to software updates with new functionality developed for the needs of government clients,

·         Provide an improved user interface that is more easily adopted by our changing workforce, and

·         Move off of outdated technology that is difficult to support and integrate with other systems.

The City of Long Beach has entered into a contract with Tyler Technologies for the ERP system, implementation services and future upgrades.