LBPD Releases 2016 Crime Statistics – Total Crime Up While Homicides Down


Long Beach, CA

LBPD recently released its 5 year summary on crime statistics in the City of Long Beach.  Although the report shows a slight decrease in homicides taking place last year with 33 occurring down from 36 totaling 8.3%, the full statistics paint a deeper picture.

Total violent crime ticked up 3.3% to 2849 occurrences in 2016 up from 2753 the year before.  Violent crime according to the report includes robbery, rape, and aggravated assault.  And while aggravated assault slightly decreased according to the report, rape and robbery moved up with a combined increase of 7.56%.  (This number does not reflect Historical Rape statistics being shown in the figures no longer included in violent crime statistics.)

View the full report here:

Long Beach Police Department City-wide Crime Stats Jan-Dec 2011-2016

Property crime dropped slightly to 14,295 incidents down from 14,367 the year before but, remains at the second highest level over the past 5 years.

The Mayor’s office tweeted about the decrease of homicides earlier today:

At the State of the City in January, Mayor Robert Garcia made mention of his intent to put more police officers on the street stating, “Our city remains very safe, one of the safer big cities in America, but we need to continue to work to keep crime low and find new ways to support our police. And one of the best ways to do that is to put more cops on the street.”

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