Alamitos Bay Closed Due to Sewage Spill Involving Los Angeles County Sanitation District

Long Beach, CA

Long Beach City Health Officer, Dr. Anissa Davis, has ordered all swimming areas in Alamitos Bay closed to water contact, due to a sewage spill today involving the Los Angeles County Sanitation District.

The spill occurred between 10:00 and 11:00 am, and was due to heavy rains entering Los Angeles County’s sewage lines. Approximately 2,400 gallons of sewage were discharged into Colorado Lagoon from an overflowing manhole nearby. The spill has stopped with the cessation of the rain. Colorado Lagoon, Mother’s Beach and Alamitos Bay will remain under a closure order until test results indicate the water is safe for swimming.

Separately, a rain advisory for all recreational beaches in the City of Long Beach is still in effect. After any significant rainfall, unhealthy conditions may result from increased runoff from storm drain outlets and rivers, which eventually reach the City’s beaches. Recreational swimming areas should be avoided for three days following the end of a rainstorm.

For the latest status on Long Beach recreational beach water quality, call 562.570.4199 or visit