In An Effort To Explain Rising Rent Prices, A Group of Long Beach Landlords Write Letter To Tenants Citing Reasons

635 Elm Avenue in Downtown Long Beach as shown by Redin

Long Beach, CA

In an effort to explain rising rent prices, a group of Long Beach Landlords have written a letter to their tenants explaining their side of the story.  This letter expresses policy changes and increased financial pressure they feel they are under from the City of Long Beach.

Dear Renters:

We wanted to take a moment and reach out to each and every one of you in the hopes to share information vital to your financial well-being regarding actions being taken or proposed in Long Beach which not only affect property owners, but as a direct consequence, will also affect you, the renters.” 

Recently, the City of Long Beach has passed measures and ordinances wherein they have created additional costly expenses to the property owners, which included assessments for the following fee increases.  This impacts you!!!

  1. The fire inspection fee
  2. A Proactive Rental Housing Inspection registration fee
  3. A health and safety fee
  4. Business license free that increases annually
  5. Measure A, a general sales tax for Long Beach (voted on by Long Beach residents)
  6. Measure B, an increase in property taxes to fund the City (voted on by Long Beach residents)
  7. Measure E, a School Tax Bond, just recently passed in this last election (voted on by Long Beach residents).
  8. Measure M, Sales tax increase for transportation and an indefinite extension of a .5 percent also dedicated to transportation until 2039.  (Voted on in the November 8, 2016 election by residents.)
  9. 1% increase annual property tax.

The cost of utilities, including water, electricity, have already been increased, with new increased fees being considered for trash pickup.  These increased trash fees can kick your trash costs up as much 51%!  Other potential increases can impact your rent – including a homeless bond, a “ “Property and Business Improvement District ” fee  called PBID and  a new 1% fee for the arts on development.  When voting in the next election, stay aware, get active.  Let’s work together to keep your housing affordable.

We strongly urge all of you, as residents and tenants of Long Beach, to join us in taking a stand in fighting these unjust and unwarranted expenses which will affect all of our pockets.  Be aware and informed of what legislation is passed in “our City.”  “Take action” and make your voice heard.

Our goal is to prevent your cost from going up.   We  pride ourselves in providing you, our valued tenants, with the best housing experiences, while maintaining a high level of service at an affordable cost.

Let’s work together as a community and fight the bureaucracy imposed on us by our City government.