Non Profit, Long Beach TAPS, Seeks To Increase Parking in Long Beach

Long Beach residents have long spoken about parking woes.  The subject of parking comes up at various community meetings, social media forums, and is a source of contention.  Being that Long Beach is 51.44 square miles with many unique neighborhoods, residents in different areas of the city have different concerns.  Many in Long Beach argue that parking is a major issue which affects the quality of life of residents who live in parking impacted neighborhoods, while others in Long Beach talk about reducing parking and adding density to increase pedestrian activity.

In an effort to increase parking across the city, a group of Long Beach residents, business owners, property owners, and community leaders formed a non profit called Long Beach TAPS (Transportation And Parking Solutions).   This group  was founded for the express purpose of solving the parking dilemmas in Long Beach, California.”

Long Beach TAPS consists of a board, attorneys, and a parking consultant.  According to their website, a few of their goals include:

  • To have the City treat Parking as a valuable community asset that can help the entire area improve
  • To make Long Beach accessible to all users through multiple modes of transportation
  • Parking system should support businesses and prioritize residential parking for residents

In an effort to gain more community support for increased parking, Long Beach TAPS is offering free bumper stickers to residents of Long Beach.  Residents can obtain these bumper stickers by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to:


Bumper Sticker
100 Atlantic Avenue, unit 814
Long Beach, CA  90802




For more information on TAPS, go to