Two Unite Here Local 11 Hotel Union Protesters Plea “No Contest” for Disturbing the Peace

Westin Hotel pictured in TripAdvisor

Downtown Long Beach

Controversial hotel labor union, Unite Here Local 11, has picketed at two Downtown Long Beach Hotels on Ocean Boulevard for over 2 years. The ongoing picketing at these two hotels, the Westin and Renaissance, have started very early in the morning with bull horns in many cases. There have been over 100 police complaints logged, many from Downtown residents of being woken up over this period of time with repeated calls to city officials.

Union protestors have argued they are speaking for workers rights and sexual assault victims while critics argue Unite Here Local 11 is using their political power in Long Beach to deploy underhanded bullying tactics to wrongfully slander the hotel’s reputation to force unionization.

In any case, two Unite Here protesters were charged for disturbing the peace, (Cal. Pen. Code 415), for using megaphones in early morning hours at unreasonably high volume and have entered a plea of “no contest,” same as guilty.  These two individuals are required to obey all laws during a one year sentencing.  If violated, the two inviduals can face a jail sentence of up to 90 days, ordered to pay a fine, or both.

Recently, Long Beach Local News published an opinion editorial piece from Ocean Boulevard resident Debbie Lewis, “Harassment of Hotel Workers And Downtown Long Beach Residents Continues,” which shows images and quotes from Westin employees who are opposed to joining Unite Here Local 11.

In it, Debbie Lewis says “We ask that elected officials tell Unite Here Local 11 to go home and thereby protect the rights and security of hotel workers and Downtown residents.”