“Light Up Pine Avenue Sign” Event to Be Held This Week

Long Beach, CA

You may have noticed a new archway sign installed onto Pine Avenue recently.  This Friday night, March 24th at 6:30pm, Mayor Robert Garcia, Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez, and members of the Historic Pine Avenue Business Association will be lighting up the new archway sign with members of the public encouraged to attend.

“This has been a long time coming and we are appreciative of both Mayor Robert Garcia and First District Councilmember Lena Gonzalez for their long standing partnership, collaboration, and follow through on making this project become a reality.” said Eric Gray Co-Founder of the Historic Pine Avenue Business Association.

When asked about the criticism received about crumbling streets, homelessness, and crime Gray responded by saying, “We understand the very valid concerns the greater Long Beach community has about improving public safety, fixing neighborhood streets, and helping our homeless population.  I personally agree that these along with parking should be top priorities of the city along with funds set aside for community enhancements like this archway sign.  Measures A & B were passed to fix additional streets, sidewalks, and increase public safety officers.  Members of the Historic Pine Avenue Business Association, in particular current President, Giovanni Ferraro have been very active on working to help people who are experiencing homelessness.  I’m cautiously optimistic that due to the recent March 7th LA County election and the passing of Measure H by two thirds of the vote, more financial help will be on its way to Long Beach in addition to the 7-8 million dollars a year the City of Long Beach already receives annually to help people off the streets and into services and housing.  We believe this sign will help to attract more people to Pine Avenue and all of Downtown to spend dollars which helps our local economy.”

Giovanna Ferraro, current President of HOPA and Chair of the Public Safety Committee of the Downtown Long Beach Alliance also weighed in by saying “This is a very exciting time for Downtown Long Beach in particular for HOPA. We are always trying to make sure Pine Avenue is well represented. I appreciate all of the pioneers of HOPA who have worked to connect North Pine with South Pine.  I want to specifically thank Mayor Robert Garcia and Councilwoman Lena Gonzalez for making sure this sign came through.  We love the sign and it is so satisfying to see it with our own eyes after hearing about it at many community meetings.”

The event begins 6:30pm this Friday at Kress Market located at 443 Pine Avenue with drinks and refreshments.  Mayor Garcia and Councilmember Gonzalez will also be briefing the community on upcoming developments and new retail on Pine Avenue.

For more information on the Historic Pine Avenue Business Association, click here.