Long Beach Councilwoman Announces New Diagonal Parking Spaces

Long Beach, CA

Lena Gonzalez, City Councilwoman of the 1st District whose area includes the Washington Neighborhood, West PAC neighborhood, and parts of Downtown Long Beach including Willmore City, the East Village, North Pine, and West Gateway has announced today the addition of 58 new diagonal parking spaces.

According to her email, 43 new diagonal parking spaces will be added to the West PAC neighborhood on Harbor between Parade St. and 20th Street, and 15 new diagonal parking spaces will be added in the West Gateway neighborhood on Magnolia between Broadway and 3rd St.

Councilwoman Gonzalez also mentions in her email that these new spaces are in addition to the 48 new diagonal spaces that were added to the North Pine neighborhood on 9th street in the past 18 months totaling 106 new spaces for the 1st council district.

For information on preferential parking permits for residents in designated parking impacted neighborhoods, click here