Top 10 Highest Rents in the Country, Los Angeles at #6, Long Beach Not on List

With conversation happening around rent prices increasing locally and statewide, renter strikes organized by Housing Long Beach, and proposed Airbnb regulation, a new report suggests that other cities are seeing higher rent prices and increases than Long Beach.

According to ABODO, their recent national apartment report published April 2017 states that the top 10 highest rents for 1 bedroom apartments are:

  1. San Francisco $3,415
  2. New York City $2,705
  3. San Jose $2,549
  4. Boston $2,398
  5. Washington, D.C. $2097
  6. Los Angeles $2,030
  7. Oakland $2,009
  8. Miami $1,747
  9. Chicago $1,745
  10. Santa Ana $1,609

Long Beach sits on the list at number 18 with an average of $1,347 for a 1 bedroom apartment across the city and at number 16 for an average of $1,702 for a 2 bedroom apartment.  While advocates are pushing for rent control in Long Beach, opponents point to higher priced areas such as San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles that are currently under some form of rent control as reasons to oppose it.

The full study at can be found here with Long Beach apartment listings found here.