Long Beach Winter Shelter Receives Funding To Be Open Year Round

Picture from endhomelessness.org

Eric Gray (LBLN Contributor)
Long Beach, CA

In a turn of events, the LA County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to extend funding for the Long Beach Winter Shelter all year round.

As previously reported here in our story: Winter Shelter Closes Leaving Many On Our Streets, the Winter Shelter had closed down at 5am on the morning of April 1st, leaving many people experiencing homelessness with no place to go.  Today’s vote solidifies the promise to those who are homeless that they have an emergency shelter available to them in a time of need.

Local resident and homeless advocate David Shrader expressed relief by saying, “Gosh, I’m so thankful to the LA County Board of Supervisors for voting to keep funding for the Winter Shelter all year round.  I’m also grateful that Long Beach Local News and other local news organizations have kept this issue in the public eye.  Keeping the Winter Shelter open all year round is so critical to giving people a safe landing space for when they are down on their luck.”

Janice Hahn, LA County Board of Supervisors who represents Long Beach promised to provide funding all year round for both the Long Beach and Bell Winter Shelters until monies are available from Measure H to provide funding.