Gas Prices To Go Up In November Statewide


Just when you think tax increases were over in California, new legislation recently passed includes a 12 cents per gallon gas hike that will go into effect in November to help repave roads across the state.

Governor Jerry Brown’s 52 billion dollar plan was passed by a narrow margin in the California Legislature with all Republican law makers voting no except one, and the super majority of Democrats voting yes.

Future work for the roads is expected to be done by contractors and construction trade unions who were in strong support of the bill.

This will be the third tax increase to hit Long Beach residents this year with two sales tax increases that have already begun to take place due to Measures A and B, a voter approved ballot measure proposed by Mayor Robert Garcia that passed in June with over 60% of the vote. As of January 1, 2017 sales tax in Long Beach increased to 9.75% up from 9.0% in 2016 and on July 1, 2017, sales tax will continue to rise to 10.25%.

In addition to the gas tax increase, vehicle registration fees for emission free vehicles will rise $100.

Proponents of the gas tax hike bill lauded the 52 billion dollar plan and what they see as future positive impacts to roads and highways in California, but opponents of the plan, criticized the state for further exacerbating taxes on the working poor and middle class Californians.

The gas tax increase will begin November 1st.