City of Long Beach Unveils New Wayfinding Signage Design

Long Beach, CA

The Long Beach City Council reviewed a presentation Tuesday night and voted unanimously to receive and file a comprehensive wayfinding signage program for major gateway entries, parking, and coastal access in Long Beach.

The new signage design reflects the community’s values and identity, and exhibits a cohesive design that in the simplest way, directs residents and visitors to their destination.

These reimagined gateway signage creates and establishes a true sense of place in Long Beach,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “The new signage will welcome visitors to our City, and promote greater accessibility and safety throughout the community.”

The wayfinding signage program provides a consistent and functional design for City gateway signage, wayfinding, and directional signage for downtown parking and waterfront destinations in Long Beach. The project included a robust public outreach process, consisting of numerous stakeholder meetings, a series of workshops, and a Wayfinding Signage Survey to ensure a broad range of community input.

“A thoughtful wayfinding system is essential to the way people navigate places; and the new signage will enable Long Beach residents and visitors to more easily explore amazing destinations throughout our entire 52 square mile City,” said City Manager Patrick H. West.

City staff is preparing a recommended list of locations and installation methods for the new wayfinding signage, which will be installed over time as funding becomes available.

Rending of potential neighborhood sign

The need for establishing new City entryway signs was identified as part of the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 budget. In December 2015, the City issued a request for proposals and selected Selbert Perkins Design as the consultant for creating design guidelines to implement a uniform look and theme for new signs in the public realm.

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