Moonshiners Brings Small Business Owner Back to Pine Avenue

Eric Gray (LBLN Contributor)
Long Beach, CA

Varouj Shekerdemian is no stranger to Pine Avenue.  As former small business owner of 4th Street Deli, he’s been on the block in some way or another since 2009, has met many people in the community, and fell on hard times.

4th Street Deli was a passion for Varouj, but at the time Downtown was still in its earlier stages of development where there were very few businesses on the block.   “It was challenging because the area is not what it is today,” said Varouj of his former experience in Downtown.  Eventually 4th Street Deli closed down despite having a local following, but Varouj’s perseverance and passion for Pine Avenue took him to his next adventure, Moonshiners.

Situated in a prime location at 1st and Pine Avenue, Moonshiners has seen many iterations before it’s current reincarnation.  It was a Hooters for several years which then closed down to make way for La Creperie, a popular French restaurant in Belmont Shore.  Unfortunately La Creperie never built community roots it needed to thrive in Downtown, and had to shutdown forcing a new concept, Moonshiners, which Varouj has taken over from the original management.

Serving up comfort style gourmet from a variety of different appetizers, burgers, flatbreads, and entrées, Moonshiners aims to please anyone from local, guests, to tourists.  They also specialize in Moonshine Liquor where they infuse their own moonshine into a variety of cocktails.

Moonshiners also boasts a beautiful front porch facing a very lively and festive Pine Avenue where you can sit, drink your liquor, have a dessert crepe, or eat your meal.

Pictured here a Dessert Crepe by Moonshiners with Banana, Strawberry, Nutella, and Whipped Cream

As to why Varouj Shekerdemian chose Pine Avenue once again to cater to the greater community he says, “Pine Avenue has a special place in my heart, I love the people down here.”

For more information on Moonshiners, visit their website, here.