Possible Onslaught of More Taxes – Prop 13 Erosion May Happen

Sacramento, CA

Benjamin Franklin once wrote in a 1789 letter that “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

If you live in California, you may be hearing a lot about taxes these days.  Recently, the California Legislature enacted a 12 cents increase per gallon on gasoline and voters recently approved Measure H, a sales tax initiative to raise funds to help the homeless in LA County.  This is on top of Measures A and B, a voter approved sales tax increase to fund police, fire, and infrastructure in Long Beach that passed by over 60% of Long Beach voters last June.

If San Francisco Democratic State Senator Scott Wiener has his way and Senate Constitutional Amendment 6 (SCA 6) is passed, the threshold to raise taxes by local governments for a special purpose will be easier to carry out at 55% voter approval instead of the 2/3 vote currently required by Proposition 13, a voter approved initiative n 1978.

Critics are worried SCA 6 will make it easier to pass property parcel and other forms of tax increases.

Right now SCA 6 is awaiting a hearing in the Senate Transportation and House Committee.

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