Belmont Pool Moves Forward Despite Concerns

Long Beach, CA

Last night, City Council voted 6 to 2 to move forward with the Belmont Pool project.  Those voting in favor include Suzie Price (District 3), whose district the pool would be located, Stacey Mungo (District 5), Dee Andrews (District 6), Al Austin (District 8), Rex Richardson (District 9) while those voting against were Lena Gonzalez (District 1) and Roberto Uranga (District 7).  The Councilmember for District 2 Jeannine Pearce was absent, but wrote a letter in opposition.

The project is expected to cost $103 million dollars to replace the former Belmont Shore Pool.  The high cost is associated with the location of the pool on the beachfront but the cost of the pool could partially be offset by Tidelands Oil money whose funds must be spent along the coastline south of Ocean Boulevard.

Critics of the project argue the pool location is not accessible to the entire Long Beach community and cite high costs as another reason to move the project.  Proponents of the project argue that the original pool would not have been torn down in the first place had they known a replacement pool would not happen at the same location.

The next step is for the Belmont Pool project to go to the California Coastal Commission.

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