Long Beach Fire Department Announces Basic Fire Recruit Academy Class 2017 A/B Graduation

Long Beach, CA

The Long Beach Fire Department is proud to announce that the Basic Fire Recruit Academy Class 2017 A/B, who began the 14-week Fire Academy training on January 20, is graduating on Saturday, May 27, 2017. The ceremony will be held at the Long Beach Fire Regional Training Center, 2249 Argonne Avenue, from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and will include various demonstrations of the graduating class’ newly acquired skills as well as static displays of antique and modern fire department apparatuses.

The ceremony will honor 39 highly qualified recruits who will enter the ranks of firefighters for the Long Beach Fire Department.

“We are so proud that these amazing men and women will join the best Fire Department in America,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “As new firefighters they will assume the roles and responsibilities of protecting our community and preserving public trust. The Long Beach Fire Department is adding incredibly qualified firefighters who represent the best our City has to offer.”

Upon graduation, Class 2017 A/B will have completed months of extensive classroom and manipulative training through a rigorous regime that included: fire ground operations, ladder evolutions, hose lays, auto extrication, rescue systems, firefighting, truck company operations, and ventilation practices. All graduates have also been successfully certified as Emergency Medical Technicians through the National Registry. This recruit class is very unique in that this academy consisted of 2 full classes that ran concurrently to meet the needs of the department.

“We are very pleased with the high caliber of the new recruits; in fact, many of these firefighters are multi-lingual in Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, and Ukranian,” said Mike DuRee, Fire Chief of the Long Beach Fire Department. “Each individual possesses the strength of character and dedication required to meet the challenges of this job. They also bring passion to their new profession and commitment to serve the residents, visitors, and businesses of Long Beach.”

Class 2017 A/B is a true reflection of the diverse Long Beach community. They come to the City with various professional backgrounds, life experiences, and cultural heritages, as the City of Long Beach is committed to fostering a highly competent and diverse workforce.