Assemblymember Patrick O’Donnell Announces Opposition to SB 35

Long Beach Assembly member Patrick O’Donnell today came out against Senate Bill 35.  In a statement on his website, he stated:

“Senate Bill 35 is bad for Long Beach and bad for California. This bill has the potential to significantly restrict the ability of California cities to control new development within their boundaries. We should not plan cities or approve new local developments from Sacramento. This bill threatens neighborhoods by allowing developers to build “by right,” meaning new projects will not be shaped by community input, but instead by state-imposed planning law. Cities will be forced to approve new developments without any public input as to how they look or fit in with surrounding neighborhoods.

There are neighborhoods in and around Long Beach that serve as an example of what happens when neighborhoods are up-zoned without the parking, schools, or services to support the massive increase in density. This experience leads me to oppose SB 35.”

SB 35 takes control away from cities to require any minimum parking near public transit.  Former 8th District Councilwoman Rae Gabelich who also opposes SB 35 lauded O’Donnell’s decision stating on social media,  “Patrick O’Donnell is standing on the side of today’s residents. He understands the consequences of building density for density sake! Thank him for his commitment to Long Beach neighborhoods.”