LBPD shoot unarmed homeless man with non lethal bullets Sunday, witnesses describe as excessive force

A video posted to YouTube by Jeff Blackmon showed Long Beach police officers as they shot non-lethal bullets and released a K-9 on a man to take him into custody.

Officers responded to the area of 2nd Street and Bay Shore Drive around 7:30pm Sunday after reports of a man walking in the middle of the street with a possible gun pointed at passing vehicles, according to Long Beach police department.

LBPD spokesman said the man did not comply with their orders. The man seen in the video with his hands up with pants down, put yelled to officers he would not get down on his knees.

The man, identified as 42-year-old Joel Peterson, was treated at local hospital for minor injuries and booked into jail.

LBPD Sgt. Johnson said a replica gun was found at the scene. Peterson arrested and booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon for the perceived threat with the replica firearm and resisting arrest.