Long Beach Police Department Academy Graduation #92

The Long Beach Police Department is pleased to announce the graduation of Recruit Academy Class #92. The graduation ceremony was held Thursday August 23, 2018, at the Long Beach Performing Arts Terrace Theater.

Forty Long Beach Police Department recruits, one Fullerton Police Department recruit, three Garden Grove Police Department recruits, and one Redondo Beach Police Department recruit successfully completed 27 ½ weeks of intense academic, physical and practical training in areas such as: Patrol Procedures and Law Enforcement Tactics, Firearms Training, Weaponless Defense, Criminal Law, Vehicle Operations, Community Oriented Public Safety, Persons with Mental Health Disabilities, Cultural Diversity/Human Relations, and Procedural Justice.

Class #92 brings a wide range of talents from a variety of backgrounds to the department. The graduating class included the following officers:

Long Beach Police Department    
Officer Derek Bailey Officer Tyler Keefe Officer Alejandro Ramirez
Officer Michael Becerra Officer Connor Kloss Officer Giovanni Rodriguez
Officer Yassine Bouzarif Officer Marco Lopez Officer Anthony Sanders
Officer Joseph Calise Officer Allen Mandujano Officer Leandra Sands
Officer Valeria De La Torre Officer Jossue Murillo Officer Rene Saucedo
Officer Edward Esquivel Officer Kompheak Nou Officer Scott Schneringer
Officer Emiliano Estrada Officer Daniel Olea Officer Laurence Siavi’i
Officer Alan Feldman Officer Daniel Orozco Officer Eric Stachura
Officer Jamar Ginn Officer Edwin Paredes Officer Julio Torres
Officer Chanransey Hem Officer Amanda Petty Officer Daniel Tsoi-A-Sue
Officer Cesar Huerta Officer Thomas Porter Officer Duo Xu
Officer Daniel Ibarra Officer Timothy Preuss Officer Rick Zatarain
Officer Michael Johnson Officer Paige Quinones  
Officer Joel Johnson Officer Sebastian Ramirez  
Fullerton Police Department 
Officer Marc Basteri
Garden Grove Police Department
Officer Kirk Hurley
Officer Cody Johnson
Officer Jorge Mazon
Redondo Beach Police Department
Officer Evan Sackett

Long Beach Local News congratulates the graduates and wishes them continued success in their future careers as law enforcement officers.