Students Casting Votes for CSULB’s New Mascot

Last September, California State University, Long Beach retired their mascot in exchange for a new one due to it previously being offensive to an endemic group of people.

Now, the university is asking for a student vote on which will be the next character to represent the university, as well in relation to the city of Long Beach.

Some of the common interests in picking a mascot along CSULB’s committee are a stingray, pelican, shark, kraken, giraffe, or no mascot at all.

Not only will this vote be available for the students and faculty, but the community was able to vote as well. The community ballot ended on the 24th, but last day for students to vote is May 8 and the final decision will be on May 9. Participants can find the ballot by clicking here.

CSULB was founded in 1949, hence the nickname the 49ers, which gave the theme of the Gold Rush that took place 100 years prior. Prospector Pete, the former mascot, was asked by popular vote to be removed because it represents the genocide against the Native Americans in the Gold Rush era, some say. The university will also be steering away from the 49ers nickname and changing it to “The Beach,” or the Dirtbags, which is currently what their baseball team is called.

On CSULB’s campus in front of the liberal arts building sits a large statue representing a Prospector, and will be placed on a different part of campus where it will be less noticed and to exchange CSULB’s Gold Rush theme for a lighter and perhaps beach-like vibe.

Although the university’s founded year date and Prospector Pete ironically go hand in hand, CSULB is consistently evolving with more culturally diverse people, and wants to avoid any offensive character that the school may represent.

By: Celeste Basich