HIV and STD sudden increase in Long Beach

On Monday May 6, 2019 the City of Long Beach announced a multi-layered health strategy to reduce the rate of HIV & STD infections by 2020.  In 2017, Long Beach had 4,321 cases of chlamydia and 1,690 cases of gonorrhea, making it the second highest rates in California. For syphilis, the city saw 499 cases making it the third highest rate in the state.

 The strategy includes five goals: reducing HIV and STD infections. Two, strengthen capacity to address HIV and STDs in Long Beach. Three, educating communities on prevention. Four, increase access and engagement in preventative care. Lastly, expand PrEP and PEP access in Long Beach.

 At a news conference at St. Mary’s medical center, Mayor Robert Garcia said that these issues are alarming to him not only as a mayor but as a gay man.

There is no exact way to determine where this spike of HIV/ STD infections are coming from. All you can do is stay informed, get tested regularly, and always use protection. 

For more information on the city’s strategy visit the link below

By Scarled Murillo