Mayor Launches 3 Year Strategic Plan to Lower HIV, & STD rates in Long Beach

Mayor Robert Garcia, & health groups gathered in the last week to launch a 3 year strategic plan to help lower HIV, & STD rates here in Long Beach. Garcia announced that there are more than 4,500 residents of Long Beach living with HIV.

Since 2013 new HIV diseases have decreased by 33%; quite the improvement, but the rates are still higher than average for the county, & state of California. This also takes in consideration that Long Beach is one of the highest populated cities in California with over 400,000 people.

Parts of the 3 year plan are to make sure residents with the infection as well as other STDs are being diagnosed, expand medical care to those with an illness, educate the Long Beach community about testing for HIV in 30 community events, & more. 

Mayor Robert Garcia is very confident the HIV rates can continue to decrease by continuing to work closely with healthcare professionals. 

By Alondra Flores