June 4 Election Day for Long Beach’s State Senate

Tuesday is Election Day for a seat as Long Beach state senate and today is the last to vote for Long Beach and the neighboring towns along the 710 freeway.

Democrat Lena Gonzalez and Republican Jack Guerrero are the last to stand out of 11 candidates to fill the position. A state senate serves up to four years with some guidelines. For the future senate of District 33, elections occur every year that is divisible by the number four if the district number falls as an odd number. Even number districts elections fall on any
even number year.

With Long Beach being heavily Democratic, Gonzalez has a high advantage on this election. Gonzalez is Long Beach’s City Councilwoman. Oil companies such as Chevron funded over $1 million into Gonzalez’s campaign to advertise on TV and billboards.

Guerrero has served as mayor and Councilman in the city of Cudahy and partakes in many non-profit organizations, such as helping communities of lower class and scholarship recruitment for future college students. Guerrero was also the highest voted Mayor in recorded history in the city of Cudahy in 2017.

With Long Beach being more than a 4:1 ratio of Democrats to Republicans, Gonzalez received a 31.6% vote, whereas Guerrero received got a 15% vote in the runoff election back in March.

Polls close at 8p.m. tonight. Voters can find their polling location at

By: Celeste Basich