Homeless Count in Long Beach Sees Slight Increase

While homelessness remains an issue in the city of Long Beach, new data published on Tuesday, June 4th showed an increase of just over 30 new homeless people living in the city since 2017. That’s a 2 percent increase, although city officials advised the count had a 3 percent margin of error making the homeless population in Long Beach overall flat. 

Mayor Robert Garcia, gave his perspective for the stability during an interview, & recognized everyone involved in the helping of getting homeless off the streets, & into shelters. Many of those in which included efforts by the Long Beach Fire Department, Health Department, & Long Beach community partners. 

While Long Beach had better data results in the homeless count compared to the city of Los Angeles with a high of a 12 percent increase; Mayor Robert Garcia, & the city are not satisfied with stabilized levels, instead they are seeking to eliminate it.

By Alondra Flores