Long Beach on the Spotlight with Netflix show

Long Beach has quite a good representation with Hollywood producers. Not only have best-selling artists began in Long Beach but even well-known television shows and movies have been filmed in the great LB. A current show based in Long Beach is, Mr. Iglesias.

The shows stars, Gabriel Iglesias, a comedian and now-actor from Long Beach. The setting takes places at Woodrow Wilson High school and it is about a teacher who is making a positive difference in the life of his students. The actual show was not filmed in Wilson high, but the shots of the actual outer campus were still included.

In an interview, Gabriel Iglesias, revealed that he graduated from Wilson High school in 1994. The show seems to be loosely based on his life or more so the probability of how his life would’ve turned out to be if he didn’t pursue his dream of being a comedian.

The first season is now streaming on Netflix and a second season will be
coming soon.

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By Alejandra Salgado