And The LBC Lived Happily Ever After

Summer time. Ninety degrees. Two days. All the west coast hip-hop bangers. All the oldies from every artist that each person knows at least one song from. That wrapped up this weekend’s Once Upon A Time In The LBC.
Despite the concrete below everyone’s feet sizzling, but when a festival brings out some of Los Angeles’s finest, such as Warren G, YG, and Snoop Dogg, the only heat that mattered was from their performances.

The two stages were named, “The Marathon” and “The Hustle” in tribute of Nipsey Hussle, who was on the lineup prior to his passing in late March. Many festival goers wore Nipsey attire in remembrance of his life, including YG, who wore a black button-up with a portrait of the Los Angeles legend with shimmery angel wings on the back that glowed to where people in the far back can see it glisten.

Once Upon A Time got artists to perform as far back as the 1960s such as R&B and soul legend, Barbara Mason, Brenton Wood, electro funk band Zapp, and so many more. Millennials and generations after that who watched their performances knew at least one song from these living legends from their parents and beyond.

It makes sense why this two-day festival sold out in a matter of minutes. Goldenvoice set it off again with a successful concert in our wonderful city of Long Beach with the other festivals going on this weekend that were nearby.

Article and photo credit: Celeste Basich @lowclassconspiracy_la