Multiple Military Aircraft to Operate out of Long Beach Airport This Week

Military transport aircraft and four F/A-18 aircraft will be operating out of Long Beach Airport this weekend. The aircraft will be participating in Los Angeles Fleet Week along with several large helicopters from Law Enforcement, Fire and the U.S. Coast Guard. As part of the event, there will be multiple flyovers and the F/A-18s will be participating in some of the flyovers. 

Photo by Ryan McGinnis

The flyovers will be conducted during daytime hours Labor Day weekend near the Port of LA (San Pedro). These aircraft are significantly louder than aircraft that typically operate at the Airport. We anticipate that these aircraft will depart on Tuesday, September 3, but all times are tentative and subject to change. 

Due to the unique nature of their missions, the military has demonstrated a desire to assist us in being a good neighbor and they have been very responsive to community concerns within their mission and safety of flight constraints.

Photo by Curtis McGinnis

The aircraft will use noise abatement procedures when operating in the vicinity of Long Beach Airport. These procedures include modified arrival and departure flight profiles and minimum use of afterburners.