Mayor Garcia Releases 2020 Budget

This week, Long Beach City Council announced the $2.8 billion dollar budget for 2020 with plans to improve, restore and rebuild areas of Long Beach.

Mayor Robert Garcia said in a press release on Wednesday: “Like every budget, I’ve signed as Mayor, it is balanced and responsible. It will continue the improvements happening around Long Beach, with key investments in public safety, infrastructure repair, and other critical services.”

Examples of such improvements are the restoration of Engine 17 as well as the rebuilding of Fire Station 9 in East Long Beach and the Bixby Knolls neighborhoods. The budget will also allow the city to repair the streets and infrastructure. The total of the 2020 Infrastructure project comes up to more than $110 million.

Garcia will dedicate $680,000 to fund a four-person ‘Clean Team’ that will work towards his goal of Long Beach becoming one of the biggest clean cities in the country.

With this budget, Long Beach is able to spend more than $30 million to continue efforts to help the homeless with money going to rapid response teams, job programs, safe parking, outreach and the construction and preservation of affordable housing.

The Promise Pass, the free or discounted transit passes for CSULB and LBCC students are included. There will also be support for small businesses, historic districts and HIV and STD outreach. For more on Long Beach Government, visit

By Casey N. Wilson

Instagram : _caseynwilson