Credible Threat Made at CSULB

California State University Long Beach received a threat on Monday afternoon. A second suspect was arrested Tuesday after sending a violent threatening email.

CSULB student, Prateek Devulpally was detained October 9 by the University Police Department. He confessed to illegally accessing another student’s email account to send the threat. The University Police Department mistakenly detained the female student after the occurrence on October 7.

According to UPD, Chief of Police, Fernando Solorzano, “The female suspect detained on Monday is working with the UPD and supports the prosecution of Devulpally for creating and sending the threat from her email account.” 

After the incident, an email was sent on Monday by the University Police to issue a shelter-in-place at 3:48 p.m. for students and faculty on campus.

Students reported the doors in classrooms were not able to lock in Monday’s shelter-in-place order. They addressed their concerns and anger on Twitter by posting pictures and videos of different ways students and professors were trying to secure the doors during the threat.

 One of those classrooms affected was a lecture hall with four different door entrances. In this tweet, Professor Ragan Fox used chairs, desks, projectors, and cables to block the classroom’s entrances.

In response to the threat, CSULB President Jane Conoley sent an email to faculty and staff on October 8 stating she is grateful for Campus Police and appreciated how they practiced protocols to protect the university.

Conoley stated, “Our University Police activated and coordinated with partner agencies and were able to quickly apprehend a suspect who posed a credible threat. We communicated with the campus through multiple channels, and I was impressed by our university community for calmly but efficiently avoiding public spaces and locking or barricading doors in offices and classrooms.”Devulpally is facing criminal charges of criminal threats and using computer services without permission. He is expected to be in court on Oct. 31 at the Long Beach Municipal Court.

By Jocelyn Torralba

IG : lovelyjocyy