Shoppers at Urban Hive Market are in for a Spooktacular Treat

A conglomerate of small businesses pop-up to bring you, the Urban Hive Market, that takes place each month at The Pike Outlets in Long Beach. 

This particular event for the month of October is a special one because it’s Halloween themed. 

Shoppers are encouraged to come dressed in their costumes and parents to bring their children for trick-or-treating while getting a head start on their holiday shopping.

Source: Urban Hive Market Instagram

Open monthly, Urban Hive Market is an open-air market where artisans are encouraged to showcase exclusively handmade products where only here consumers can get their hands on such unique products. 

A company that started back in July 2016 by Heather Goldin and her partner Kristina, after having owned and operated a Long Beach Jam company called Sunday’s Marmalade. 

For two years they participated in farmers’ markets in the area and traveled out of town for other events. 

“We loved market life so much and learned what a wonderful, loving and supportive community small businesses are,” said Goldin. “So we decided to start an event of our own thus creating a safe community for small businesses to thrive.”

These vendors work hard each month to make their product, advertise for themselves and support one another. 

Having been with the company since the beginning, Goldin describes her relationship with the vendors as part of a family. 

“We have rotating vendors from all around Southern California,” said Goldin. “We have a wide variety of vendors from artisan baked goods to handmade clocks, succulents, handles, fashion, art, woodwork, vintage, DIY and many more!” she added. 

Among one of the vendors is, Carmen Quintana, small business owner of Sabrina’s Boutique who discovered Urban Hive Market on social media, which was the first market she’s been a vendor at for the last three years.

“I’ve been at every single event since and my small business has not only grown incredibly, I’ve also made some lifelong friends at the market as well,” said Quintana. “It is truly a great supportive community.”

At Sabrina’s Boutique shoppers can find everything from high-quality affordable fashion accessories to vegan leather wallets. 

“I believe having affordable prices is what brings my customers back and I love that,” said Quintana. “I expect a lot of people to stop by, and hoping for a fun and festive atmosphere,” she added.

Guests can look forward to music, good food and treats at this special Halloween themed Urban Hive Market event. 

Don’t miss out on getting your spooky on, happening Saturday, Oct. 26th from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. at The Pike Outlets on Bay Street, in Long Beach where you can find Sabrina’s Boutique at space #5 along with many other goods. 

“We do this to give the customers and vendors something to look forward to,” Goldin said. “We hope they continue to grow and expand their business but most importantly we expect to have fun!” she added. 

By Geraldine Goicochea