Entrepreneur Goals Workshop in Long Beach

Entrepreneur goals workshop to be led by Long Beach-based serial entrepreneur, TEDx presenter, and award-winning business coach Veronica Kirin.  In this live, two hour virtual workshop, entrepreneurs will develop a 2020 strategic plan based around their business goals and get focused on what they want to see in their business and life by the end of 2020; to be held on Wednesday, December 18th.

Source: veronicakirin.com

The workshop kicks off by reviewing the attendee’s 20-year plan, critical to directing any yearly milestones. Entrepreneurs often lack this bird’s eye view of their business, and Kirin will help attendees hone their plan using tools like the 30/30/30 Goals Map.

“Every new year offers tremendous opportunity for change, growth, and massive action. So often as entrepreneurs, we’re caught up in the day-to-day and don’t spend any time on our future goals.  Together, at the Elevate workshop, we will start big — what is your 20-year plan? — and then distill down to focus on the end of 2020 goals, what milestones are necessary to get there, and what tools are needed for each milestone,” said Kirin.

This 2-hour virtual workshop integrates comprehensive goal mapping as well as Veronica’s Goal Setting and Bonus Accounting guides.  

The workshop starts at 4:00 pm and ends at 6:00 pm PST on Wednesday, December 18th. 

Prior registration is required. Early Bird pricing of $25 is available through December 4th, after which full-price tickets of $35 will be available.   Participants can register at http://bit.ly/2020GoalsWorkshop.