Long Beach Native’s Journey to Disney on Ice

Long Beach native, Kimberly Dodson is undeniably born to shine on ice.

“My mom would always watch figure skating when I was born, and my dad played hockey,” said Dodson. 

Her parents, who are also Long Beach natives and loyal fans of the NHL’s Ducks team, took young Dodson to Glacial Gardens (now known as The Rinks) in Lakewood for ice skating lessons. And, ever since Dodson never put down the skates.  

“We would always see Disney on Ice when they were in Long Beach,” said Dodson.

When she turned 20 years old, Dodson was determined to join the cast of Disney on Ice and decided to audition. For the last five years, she’s been a part of the show’s ensemble and acrobatics.

“The best thing about Disney on Ice is that I have become a better skater and person by being surrounded by so many talented people. I never expected that because I thought that competing was the pinnacle of the career,” said Dodson.

Dodson competed professionally in singles, ice dance, and ice theatre all over the nation for nearly 15 years. Although she was supported by friends and coaches, she says competing can have you faced with one great challenge: yourself.

“You don’t really have a team, a lot of times you struggle and you don’t really have anyone to pick you up but I think it built my character,” said Dodson.

The quirky 25-year-old says her lonely struggles with the ice gave her the heart to inspire others.   

“I like to pick up people on a hard day. I find myself being picked up because I like picking up others,” Dodson said. 

Dodson advises young skaters and anyone, in general, to pursue their passion with determination and joy. 

“Performance is such a big deal and the way that you approach your practice, try to always have a smile on your face and have fun. It is difficult, you are putting yourself out there but you can tell the difference when you’re having fun in your or not,” said Dodson. 

The talented ice skater will be performing at Disney on Ice in Long Beach on December 26th. 

By Claudia Bermudez

IG : claudiaabermudez