Long Beach Little Paws- Kitten Nursery that is helping the City of Long Beach attain ‘no-kill’ status

There’s a movement happening in Long Beach that’s helping the most vulnerable kittens survive & thrive when there may be no other hope for these fragile lives- The Long Beach Little Paws Project.

Source: The Long Beach Little Paws Project

In a discreet space on Wardlow avenue, anywhere between 20-45 kittens (sometimes the size of your palm) are being bottle-fed by local volunteers who are practically working around the clock to care for these tiny creatures. Kittens from Long Beach Animal Shelter are being sent to The Project daily for the care and treatment they need that the shelter is unable to provide. Founded last year by 3 animal welfare advocates, The Long Beach Little Paws project was created to aid Long Beach in their mission of becoming a ‘No Kill Status’ city. One may not realize the huge impact the kitten population has on allowing a city to become  ‘No-Kill Status’. At times, dozens of kittens may be dropped off at the Long Beach Animal Shelter. The effect that an organization like Long Beach Little Paws has in helping the City obtain this status is astronomical.

The Project has set up a sophisticated operation where kittens go through an ‘in-take process’ that gets them on a schedule with medications needed, bottle feeding, keeping them sanitary, and getting the care, socialization, and love they need in preparation for their forever home. Each year, hundreds of kittens under 8 weeks of age are killed simply because they are not yet ready to be adopted. The Long Beach Little Paws Project has a direct hand in reversing this outcome.

“Over the past 9 months, we have saved over 400 kittens in our nursery. That is a huge accomplishment given that we just started in April of 2019,” notes Claudia Otis, one of the founding organizers of Long Beach Little Paws. “These kittens deserve a chance to live and thrive and we do that here. Our volunteers are simply amazing and have helped immensely with our success.”

Source: The Long Beach Little Paws Project

Once a kitten is ready to be adopted, The Project meets with local partner organizations that go through & fulfill the adoption process. The Project does not directly adopt to the public.

The Long Beach Little Paws Project has plans to grow these life-saving efforts with generous donations of time & money that are needed from the greater community. For more information and to donate to the project, visit: https://www.littlepawsproject.org/