Who are the DemoChicks?

Women of all ages who want to choose the non-traditional career path and have a hand in demolition, construction, and engineering can become one of the DemoChicks, thanks to founder and CEO, Robin Thorne. Her vision had always been to share her resources and experiences by empowering women at any age. 

The admiration of math and science came at an early age and grew more when Thorne was in middle school, which led to her pursuing a career in engineering.

Source: Demo Chicks

“I always had a curious nature in wondering how things worked and how to make things better,” Thorne said. 

The idea of DemoChicks came to life over a celebratory dinner in New Jersey with an engineering friend who was congratulating Thorne on a project that she had just accomplished; demolition of a federal prison that consisted of 122 structures was done by Thorne’s company. Thorne’s company, CTI Environmental INC., is a multi-million dollar company that’s now celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary. The facility is based in the city of Long Beach, located at 711 E. Wardlow Road, Suite 203. 

 “You’re one bad chick, a demo chick” is what Thorne recalls from the dinner she had with her colleague. A compliment that turned into an inspiration to launch the non-profit that’s known as DemoChicks. 

The main focus of this non-profit is on the industries of demolitions, construction, and engineering. Thorne believes that its impact will reach women in all industries with the universal message of empowerment, connection, and advancement. 

“We believe most girls are not aware that these careers are accessible to them,” said Thorne. “Our mission is to make them aware by providing hands-on activities for the girls so that they can explore these various disciplines.”

DemoChick provides services such as mentoring, job training and internships where participants are given the opportunity to experience a career without making a commitment prior to entering college or an apprenticeship program. Its impact on the movement has led them to have involvement with CSULB, and other nearby cities like Carson and Torrance. 

Not many women are in the industry of the non-traditional career path, however, Thorne believes if they were to be exposed to the opportunity, there could potentially be an interest and desire to acquire the skills and knowledge. Those interested in joining DemoChicks are encouraged to check out their website, social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram, or simply joining DemoChicks’ email-list for any pop-up sites or workshops to attend hosted and supported by CTI Environmental INC. 

By: Geraldine Goicochea

IG: @geraldinegoicochea