Long Beach to Close Bars and Nightclubs and Shift to Restaurant Take Out Occupancy

Long Beach, CA – To minimize community spread of COVID-19 and protect vulnerable residents, the Long Beach Health Department supports the Governor’s guidance issued tonight related to the closure of bars, nightclubs, breweries and wineries, and limits on occupancy for restaurants.

The request is part of a package of public health recommendations Governor Gavin Newsom made on Sunday.  It also recommends that restaurants focus on food delivery and takeout while decreasing occupancy and maximizing social distancing for customers inside their businesses.

“Governor Newsom and state officials have been clear, we need to close bars and limit access to restaurants,” said Mayor Robert Garcia. “Restaurants will continue to play a key role in food distribution, especially as we focus on to-go and pick-up order options. This is a health crisis and we need to take serious measures.”

Long Beach guidance to restaurants includes the following:

  • A list of bars will be provided onwww.longbeach.gov/COVID19. Bars include, but are not limited to, taverns (including bars, pubs, cocktail lounges, and similar establishments) and alcoholic beverage manufacturing facilities.
  • A list of defined restaurants will be provided on www.longbeach.gov/COVID19. Restaurants include, but are not limited to, establishments engaged in the preparation and sale of food for immediate consumption with seating for customers to consume on-site.
  • Restaurants are encouraged to practice social distancing when serving customers, with spacing 6 feet apart wherever possible, including when standing in line or waiting for food.
  • Restaurants are encouraged to create areas for pickup of food that are separated from areas to provide for 6 feet of social distancing
  • Per the Governor’s announcement to reduce occupancy by half, Long Beach recommends restaurants only admit half as many patrons as its posted occupancy allows per the Long Beach Fire Department.

Additional guidance or changes will be issued as needed in the future as the City evaluates this situation with our state and local partners.  The safety of the public will remain at the forefront of the City’s decision-making process.

For the latest information on COVID-19, with details on all that the City of Long Beach is doing to keep its residents safe, visit www.longbeach.gov/COVID19.