Covid-19 Vaccine on Wheels are Now in Place to Serve Residents from Home

The city of Long Beach is using a new medium to reach residents at home and in high-risk neighborhoods by releasing two mobile vaccination vans.

“Vaccinations add another layer of protection against COVID-19 and our new vehicles will maximize our mobile teams’ ability to administer vaccines in the communities where they’re needed most,” said Health and Human Services Director, Kelly Colopy.

Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels

All mobile vaccine vehicles are to help increase the amount of time the health department can provide to the community. The teams are broken up into two, Mobile Vaccination Team One (MVT-1) and Team Two (MVT-2). 

Team one (MVT-1) will be administering vaccines to individuals through in-home appointments. Team two (MVT-2) is providing pop-up vaccine clinics throughout various areas of Long Beach.

MVT-2 will first distribute vaccines in neighborhoods with highest risk cases of COVID-19 and make an effort to reach those experiencing homelessness.

Each van will be supplied with vaccine storage units, tables, chairs, hand-washing posts. The mobile clinics are expected to provide the community up to 300 vaccines per day.

“Our new mobile vaccination vans will enhance our outreach efforts to keep our homebound residents, seniors and at-risk individuals safe,” said Mayor Garcia.

Those who are interested in requesting an in-home appointment may visit the city’s website here and fill out a request form. Please call 562-570-INFO (4636) for more information and assistance. In order to receive eligibility, the city’s Health Department will be assessing each application. For more questions, please email

For more information on the city of Long Beach’s COVID-19 numbers and efforts to combat the virus, please visit

By Dawn Perkins @dawnravens