A Car Wash with A Cause in Long Beach

Located off of PCH and Caspian, My New Car Wash is one of the few, truly 100%, hand car washes in the city. Beyond producing some of the best results out there, My New Car Wash also is leading the way in local philanthropy by directly giving back 20% of the proceeds to charities throughout the city.

One can show their support for several different charitable organizations throughout the city by purchasing a carwash through their website and thusly allocate a significant portion of the cost of your wash to the charity of your choosing.

Starting at $16.80, for cars, one can sign up for a monthly membership which keeps your ride looking fresh and the causes you’re passionate about up, running, and serving the community.

Whether it’s to cheer on the fighting Jackrabbits at Long Beach Polytechnic High School, empower members of the Kiwanis Club in their mission to develop creative ways to serve the needs of children, such as fighting hunger, improving literacy and offering guidance, or aiding in the financial sustainment of our local hospital.

My New Car Wash offers an opportunity to support a small business as well as the community. Give them a visit at 1500 W. Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach CA, 90810.

Sign up for a My New Car Wash monthly subscription at mynewcarwash.com